Cork Street学生公寓

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€273 /周

  • No Visa No Pay
  • No Place No Pay


83 位学生已收藏此公寓


位于都柏林的Cork Street学生公寓地理位置优越,靠近市中心和多所高校,距离都柏林商学院和都柏林圣三一学院几步之遥

  • 地址:

    35-38 Cork St, 都柏林, D08RX9X

  • 前往国立艺术设计学院:
    • 12分钟
    • 11分钟
    • 4分钟
  • 前往英国及爱尔兰现代音乐学院(都柏林校区):
    • 16分钟
    • 12分钟
    • 5分钟
  • 免费取消期限:


  • 设施: 洗衣房, 健身房
  • 房租包含: 无线网, 水费, 电费, 暖气, 煤气费
  • 设施&服务

    • 电影放映室
    • 健身房
    • 自行车车库
    • 娱乐区/室
    • 图书馆/学习区
    • 套房内洗衣设施
    • 闭路电视/监控摄像机
    • 维修团队(仅日间)




    • 无线网络
    • 水费
    • 财产保险
    • 电费
    • 暖气
    • 煤气费


    No Visa No Pay:如签证申请被拒,可免费取消预订No Place No Pay:如未获得所申请大学的入学资格,可免费取消预订



    Cancellation Before 4th of August

    If you book online up to the 4 th of August 2022 without seeing the accommodation first we operate a 72 hour “Cooling Off” period whereby you may cancel your booking within 72 hours of paying your Booking Fee. You may apply to cancel your booking in writing or via email to the Residence Manager at your chosen residence at any time during the 72 hours after you have paid your Booking Fee. Once we have received this cancelation in writing, we will confirm the cancellation, refund your full Booking Fee of €300 back to you, and the Licence will be terminated.

    Once the 3 day cooling off period has expired and prior to 4 th August 2022, you may apply to cancel your booking in writing or via email to the Residence Manager.

    Once we have received your cancellation in writing we will confirm the cancellation, retain €50 from your Booking Fee to cover our administrative costs, refund the remaining €250 of the Booking Fee to you, and the License will terminate.

    Cancellation Outside Cooling Off Period

    If you cancel your booking after the 4 th of August 2021 outside of the cooling off period, your Booking Fee of €200 will not be refunded.

    Once the “Cooling Off” period has expired, we will consider releasing you from your License provided the following criteria are met:

     You do not have a visa to enter Ireland

     You have not acquired the grades to be offered a place at the chosen university / college

     You have failed to achieve the grades to continue your study at university / college

    In these circumstances, you can cancel your booking prior to the tenancy start date by providing evidence to the Residence Manager within 72 hours of being notified.

    To cancel your booking under these circumstances, please send a copy of your rejection letter from the University / Visa refusal documentation to the Residence Manager within 72 hours of receiving it. Once we have this, we will confirm receipt of your request to cancel and refund your Booking Fee of €300 back to you.

    There are no other circumstances when we will accept a request for a cancellation either before or during the tenancy.

    For 1st year students going through the CAO process, you have 48 hours following the CAO 1st round to confirm your booking by paying your 1st instalment. If your instalment is not paid within this time, your room booking may be subject to cancellation.

    Room Changes

    If you wish to change rooms after the start of the Licence to Reside a €50 administration fee will be payable. 

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    • 优惠价格保证


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