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Greyfriars House
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入住考文垂市中心全面翻新的Greyfriars House学生公寓,各式各样的便利设施近在身旁,留学生活闪亮多姿,邻近考文垂大学和考文垂大学学院

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    Greyfriars House, 10 Greyfriars Ln, Coventry , 考文垂, CV1 2GW

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    General - No Place No Pay(1st year students only):

    Before the tenancy starts, if the student is no longer able to study in the city booked due to rejected visa or university offer, we’re happy to discuss other available options, including arranging a room in another city where we have accommodation buildings or defer the whole tenancy. He/she may also be eligible to be released from the agreement.

    In this case, the student can get the rent that has been paid already but the reservation fee is non-refundable. Documents below must be provided within 7 days from the date the results are published.

    • a written rejection letter from the Home Office


    • a written rejection letter from the chosen university/college or UCAS or a screen shot of the UCAS status which confirms that the required results were not achieved.

    Coronavirus cancellation policy - Visa application delay:

    If the student cannot obtain the visa on time due to the closure of visa centres, the student can contact UNINN within 7 days for potential deferring the tenancy. We can also discuss other options available to you.

    Course start date delay:

    If there’s a delay of course, students can submit the updated course start dates to UNINN within 7 days and we’ll consider deferring the tenancy to match the course or discuss other options available to you.

    Travel ban:

    If there’s a travel ban for the UK in the country or region where the student is, the student can contact UNINN before the tenancy start date. We’ll consider deferring the tenancy till the travel ban is lifted, or discuss other options available to you.


    Early move-out:

    If the student would like to check out before the tenancy ends, he/or she will still be responsible for the total rent, unless a suitable replacement tenant is found. We’ll try our best to help but it remains the responsibility of the student to find a replacement tenant. A £50 administration fee may also be applicable.

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