Deakins Place学生公寓

Deakins PlaceDeakins Place
A partire da £165 /sett.

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  • 2022年全新公寓


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Informazioni sulla proprietà

入住诺丁汉全新学生公寓Deakins Place,坐拥热闹的学生村氛围,出行便利,诺丁汉大学Jubilee校区近在咫尺

  • Indirizzo:

    4 Deakins Pl, Nottingham , 诺丁汉, NG7 3FT

  • Distanza da 诺丁汉大学(Jubilee校区):
    • 9min.
    • 2min.
  • Distanza da 诺丁汉特伦特国际学院:
    • 27min.
    • 15min.
    • 6min.
  • Servizi: Cucina, Arredato, Palestra
  • Spese incluse: Wi-Fi, Acqua, Luce, Gas
  • Attrezzature e servizi

    • 无线网络
    • 电影放映室
    • 健身房
    • 公共厨房
    • 提供家具

    Dettagli spese

    Tutte le spese incluse

    Il prezzo è quello finale, nessuna tassa aggiuntiva

    • 无线网络
    • 水费
    • 电费
    • 煤气费
    Servizi e tariffe sono soggetti al contratto finale.

    Condizioni delle prenotazioni

    Politica di cancellazione


    A. During cooling-off period

    You can cancel your booking in writing or by sending an email directly to the Property Team within 7 days of accepting your tenancy agreement. If you decide to cancel your accommodation booking within these 7 days, we’ll arrange a full refund of your deposit. No fees, no fuss.

    If you book your accommodation on or after 1 August 2022, your cooling off period will reduce to 24 hours only from the point you accept it. If you do cancel your booking within these 24 hours, we will arrange the return of your full deposit.

    Please note that at the point you receive your key and check in to your accommodation, the cooling-off period will immediately and automatically end.

    B. After cooling-off period has expired

    If you wish to terminate your tenancy agreement after the cooling-off period has expired, there are some circumstances where you may be able to be released from your tenancy, e.g. if you can evidence that you are not/are no longer a student at university. In other cases, you may need to find a replacement tenant.

    Please read the sections below, and check if any of these apply to you. To put in a cancellation request, please send an email or letter directly to your Property Team. They will respond as soon as possible, letting you know if there is any extra information you need to provide.

    The following procedure applies to the below:

    • • Failure to receive grades (all academic years)
    • • Failure to obtain visa (all academic years)
    • • Studying in an alternative city where Student Roost accommodation is unavailable
    • • The pre-sessional English language course required to take up your University place is cancelled
    • • Deferment of University entry (all academic years)
    • • Eviction from University
    • • Voluntary withdrawal from University

    If you’ve confirmed your Student Roost accommodation but then can longer attend the affiliated University for one or more of the above reasons, you may be able to cancel. If this has happened to you, please email or write to your Property Team immediately, explaining the reason(s) you need to cancel. You must also provide official written evidence from the relevant University and/or Summer School and/or UCAS and/or VISA authorities/embassy (which must include the reason(s) why you cannot attend the relevant University) to your Property Team within 3 calendar days of the results or decision being published or reached. If sufficient evidence is provided to our satisfaction, you will be eligible for release from the tenancy agreement and we will arrange to return your full deposit (if you have already moved into your accommodation, this would be minus any deductions relating to the condition of your room/flat upon your departure).

    If you have changed your mind about your choice of University and wish to study in a different city, we will seek to place you in Student Roost accommodation in that city, if such accommodation is available. If alternative Student Roost accommodation is unavailable, and you provide sufficient evidence of your change in circumstances as set out above, you will be eligible for release from the tenancy agreement and we will arrange the return of the full deposit (minus any deductions that apply if you have moved in).

    The following procedure applies to the below:

    • Change of mind
    • Booked different accommodation
    • Accepted onto a placement
    • Single semester course
    • Classes temporarily or permanently being delivered online, or decision to commute to your University city

    If you do not wish to live at Student Roost for one or more of the above reasons, you will be required to find a replacement person to take over your tenancy. The replacement person must be a student and match the preferences of the accommodation (e.g. female-only flat).

    The replacement person must sign a contract for the entire length of your tenancy agreement and secure this with payment of the deposit. If a replacement person is found, you will be released from your tenancy agreement from the start date of the replacement person’s tenancy. Student Roost will also return your deposit in full (minus any deductions relating to the condition of your room/flat upon your departure). Please note that your deposit will be retained and you will remain liable for all accommodation fees until a replacement person is found and their tenancy starts.

    We assess all requests to cancel on a case-by-case basis. You, or someone who you have given written authority to act on your behalf, must make a request to cancel in writing or via email to the Property Team. You must also provide sufficient documentation supporting the reasons for the request and why they prevent you from living in your accommodation.

    Until a decision has been made, you will remain liable for all accommodation fees. If a tenancy release is not granted, you will be required to find a replacement person before you are released from your tenancy. If you are granted a tenancy release, we will arrange the return of your deposit (minus any deductions relating to the condition of your room/flat upon your departure).

    Updated October 2021

    Per maggiori informazioni, si prega di controllare i termini e le condizioni della proprietà. Quest'ultima si riserva il diritto di interpretazione e modifica dei suddetti termini a sua discrezione.
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