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160 位学生已收藏此公寓


安家Albion Court学生公寓,靠近德蒙福特大学,莱斯特古老的市中心近在咫尺

  • 地址:

    Albion Court, 131 Western Road, 莱斯特, LE3 0GF

  • 前往德蒙福特大学:
    • 10分钟
    • 9分钟
  • 前往莱斯特学院 - Welford Road:
    • 16分钟
    • 12分钟
    • 10分钟
  • 设施: 厨房, 提供家具, 洗衣房
  • 房租包含: 无线网, 水费, 电费, 暖气
  • 楼层图



    • 无线网络
    • 自行车车库
    • 前台
    • 公寓经理
    • 公共厨房
    • 提供家具
    • 公共洗衣房(投币式)
    • 闭路电视/监控摄像机
    • 维修团队(仅日间)
    • 安保人员(夜间巡逻)
    • 安全门禁(24小时)
    • 禁止吸烟
    • 禁止饲养宠物
    • 禁止18岁以下未成年人入住
    • 禁止吸烟
    • 禁止饲养宠物
    • 禁止18岁以下未成年人入住


    提交申请: 如果你尚不完全确定具体的日期/学校,请不用担心,你依然可以提交申请,只需提供初步的个人意向及信息即可
    与顾问沟通: 我们将会为你匹配一位专业的预订顾问,你可以向其咨询任何问题,以便让他/她更多的了解你的情况,及时提供协助
    付款: 请使用信用卡/借记卡支付定金/其他费用,以确保我们能够顺利地帮助你预订房源
    确认预订: 在你完成预订申请表及其他公寓文件后,我们将帮助你完成房源的预订




    • 无线网络
    • 水费
    • 电费(有限额)
    • 暖气(有限额)


    Book With Confidence
    No Visa No Pay:如签证申请被拒,可免费取消预订No Place No Pay:如未获得所申请大学的入学资格,可免费取消预订

    4. Cancellation Policy

    4.1 Cancellation cooling off period(s)

    If you choose to cancel your booking with Phoenix Student, you will have 7 calendar days after signing your Tenancy Agreement to do so.

    If you made your booking fewer than 7 calendar days before your Tenancy Agreement start date, you may cancel your booking until the earlier of (a) 7 calendar days after signing your Tenancy Agreement, or (b) the date the Tenancy Agreement commences. You may not cancel once your tenancy commences.

    For bookings made after the 1st August:

    If you made your booking fewer than 3 calendar days before your Tenancy Agreement start date, you may cancel your booking until the earlier of (a) 3 calendar days after signing your Tenancy Agreement, or (b) the date the Tenancy Agreement commences. You may not cancel once your tenancy commences.

    You may request to cancel your booking by sending an email to together with any supporting documentation you wish to use as grounds for cancelling.

    Phoenix Student will refund your deposit, where applicable, within ten (10) calendar days of accepting your cancellation. International bank transfers can take longer to process funds and incur a transfer fee.

    4.2 Cancellations after the cooling off period(s)

    You will not be eligible to automatically cancel your booking after your cooling off period has ended. You and your Guarantor (if applicable) will be required to meet the obligations set out within your Tenancy Agreement, or to find an eligible replacement tenant for your Tenancy Agreement.

    4.3 Termination of your Tenancy Agreement after you have moved into the accommodation

    We hope you speak to your local property manager if you are thinking about leaving your accommodation. If you do decide to leave your accommodation during your contracted term, the landlord may agree to release you from your contract, providing the conditions set out below are met:

    You find a suitable replacement (who must be over 18 and enrolled as a full-time student at a local university or college) to take a new Tenancy Agreement for your room for the remaining period of your contract, and;

    The incoming tenant must enter into a Tenancy Agreement with Phoenix Student, providing the relevant requested documents, and where relevant also providing a suitable Guarantor.

    Refunds due will not be processed until the incoming tenant taking over the contract has signed the Tenancy Agreement, paid, and moved into the accommodation. If you fail to find someone to take over your tenancy, you and your Guarantor (if applicable) will be responsible for paying the full rent until the end of your contracted time at the accommodation. You will also remain liable for the rent payment until the new tenant’s Tenancy Agreement starts.

    4.4 Cancellations by Phoenix Student or the Landlord

    Our terms and conditions require you to sign your Tenancy Agreement within the period specified on your electronic Tenancy Agreement.

    If you and your Guarantor (if applicable) fail to sign your Tenancy Agreement within this timescale, your Tenancy Agreement may be cancelled. Phoenix Student retains its right to cancel your Tenancy Agreement should you fail to provide a suitable Guarantor for your tenancy on more than 2 occasions.

    If for any reason Phoenix Student is not able to offer you accommodation once your Tenancy Agreement is fully signed, we will contact you as soon as possible detailing the reasons why, or offering an alternative solution on terms sufficiently similar than the ones already agreed upon. If we cannot offer a suitable alternative, we will refund all monies paid to Phoenix Student.

    In the event that you fail to make the first Rent payment and/or fail to check in within three (3) calendar days of your agreed check in date, the Landlord reserves the right to cancel the Agreement with immediate effect by notice in writing to you.

    4.5 “No Place, No Stay’’ – Flexible Cancellation

    This cancellation benefit might be available to full time students booking for the academic term from August 2022 at the discretion of Phoenix Student.

    If you are a prospective full-time student, and

    1) your offer of a place at your preferred university/higher education institution is withdrawn, or;

    2) your visa application is not accepted, or;

    3) Government travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to Phoenix Student and you withdraw from your course, you may be eligible to receive a refund of your deposit, where applicable.

    To cancel under “No Place, No Stay”, you must supply either (a) a copy of a written rejection letter from your chosen university/college; or (b) a copy of the acceptance letter from a new university/college, if your place at your preferred university/higher education institute is withdrawn (c) copy of written rejection letter concerning your visa application, if your visa application is not accepted or (d) written evidence from your university/college confirming that you have cancelled your course and will not be enrolled as a student due to Government travel restrictions preventing you to travel.

    This must be received by Phoenix Student ( within two (2) calendar days of the date in which your university/college/visa letter is dated.

    On receipt of the required documentation, Phoenix Student will consider your request and will inform you within 10 calendar days if the agreement will be cancelled. If Phoenix Student cancels the agreement on this basis your deposit will be refunded, where applicable.

    It is unlikely that your request to cancel will be approved by Phoenix Student if your Tenancy Agreement has commenced.

    • 优质房源保障


    • 优惠价格保证


    • 24小时专业顾问团队服务