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£141.11/주 부터

  • 2022学年9月入住的预定已开放


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숙소 세부정보

从位于Old River Soar河岸的Merlin Heights出发,探索各处历史地标和时尚新潮的休闲场所

  • 주소:

    85 Bath Lane, , 莱斯特, LE3 5AU

  • 德蒙福特大学까지 거리
    • 7분
    • 5분
  • 莱斯特学院 - Welford Road까지 거리
    • 20분
    • 18분
    • 7분
  • 시설: 가구 완비, 빨래방
  • 공과금 포함: 와이파이, 수도세, 전기세, 난방, 가스비
  • 시설 & 보안

    • 自行车车库
    • 前台
    • 娱乐区/室
    • 图书馆/学习区
    • 提供家具
    • 公共洗衣房(投币式)
    보안 및 안전
    • 闭路电视/监控摄像机
    • 维修团队(仅日间)
    • 安保人员(夜间巡逻)
    • 安全门禁(大门上锁)
    숙소 규칙
    • 禁止吸烟

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    • 无线网络
    • 水费
    • 财产保险
    • 电费
    • 暖气
    • 煤气费
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    취소 정책

    Booking, Cancellation Policy, and Liability

    (England and Wales)

    To apply for and book, a flat or bedroom at a Collegiate AC managed property, you must pay £100

    to reserve the room (described herein as “Reservation Rent”). This payment is made at the time of

    booking through our on-line booking system.

    You will have 15 days from making your booking to sign the Tenancy Agreement. The Reservation

    Rent is fully refundable if you cancel your booking within this period.

    Once the Tenancy Agreement has been signed, the Reservation Rent will be held until the first rental

    payment falls due under your Tenancy Agreement, and will be offset against the amount due.

    To cancel your booking you must tell us in writing by sending an email to us at:                    

    You may be eligible to be released from your agreement if:

    Your offer of a place at your preferred University/Higher Education institution is withdrawn as a result

    of you not achieving the required entry grades, you have surpassed your required entry grades and

    choose to go to a different University or you have extenuating circumstances that prevents you taking

    your place at University.

    In order to meet the criteria you will need one of the following:

    ·      To provide a written rejection letter from your chosen university/Higher Education Institute

    ·      Evidence as to why you cannot take your place

    You will be required to pay a Deposit (“Deposit”) at the commencement of the Residential Period. 

    This payment will be collected with your first rental payment.

    Your Deposit will be held under a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and will be used as security

    against any damage to the Room, the Flat or the Property (fair wear and tear excepted), any damage

    to the furnishings or other equipment provided (fair wear and tear excepted) and any unpaid Rent

    or other charges incurred during the duration of your Tenancy Agreement. The balance of the

    Deposit will be paid to you within 28 days after the termination of the Tenancy Agreement, less any

    reasonable costs incurred for the breach of any obligation under the Tenancy Agreement.

    Booking, Cancellation Policy, and Liability

    (England and Wales)

    It is important that you understand that when you sign your Tenancy Agreement, you are   

    entering into a legal agreement with the Landlord, and are liable for the full rent due for the

    Residential Period.

    Cancellation of your Booking by Collegiate AC

    Our terms and conditions require you to sign your Tenancy Agreement online within 15 days of

    receiving the Offer of Accommodation.

    If you fail to sign your agreement within this timescale we may cancel your booking, giving notice by

    email, and you will forfeit any ‘reservation rent’ paid if it is outside the 15 day cooling off period

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