Northgate Point学生公寓

Northgate PointNorthgate PointNorthgate PointNorthgate PointNorthgate Point
£140 /周

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49 位学生已收藏此公寓


立足于Northgate Point,探索古老的城墙和古雅的购物街,了解切斯特悠久的历史

  • 地址:

    Trafford Street, 切斯特, CH1 3HP

  • 前往切斯特大学:
    • 14分钟
    • 13分钟
    • 4分钟
  • 前往切斯特大学Queen's Park校区:
    • 22分钟
    • 19分钟
    • 9分钟
  • 设施: 提供家具, 洗衣房
  • 房租包含: 无线网, 水费, 电费, 暖气, 煤气费
  • 设施&服务

    • 前台
    • 公寓经理
    • 电梯
    • 娱乐区/室
    • 图书馆/学习区
    • 提供家具
    • 公共洗衣房(投币式)
    • 社区活动, 公共厨房, 停车位(收费), 电视机(卧室), 无障碍通道, 房间宽带(免费), 有线电视订阅, 电视执照
    • 闭路电视/监控摄像机
    • 安全警报
    • 维修团队(仅日间)
    • 安保人员(24小时巡逻)
    • 安全门禁(24小时)
    • 安全门禁(大门上锁)
    • 禁止吸烟
    • 公共区域禁酒
    • 欢迎接待家庭成员




    • 无线网络
    • 水费
    • 财产保险
    • 电费
    • 暖气
    • 煤气费


    No Visa No Pay:如签证申请被拒,可免费取消预订No Place No Pay:如未获得所申请大学的入学资格,可免费取消预订

    Until 1st May 2021 when you book at Aspect 3, Northgate Point, Northgate Studios, Primus Place and Edge Apartments for the 21/22 academic year.

    If you book before 1st May 2021 for 21/22 academic year you will be able to cancel your booking before that date for free and any payment you have made will be refunded.

    1. This promotion only applies for bookings at Aspect 3 Apartments (Sheffield), Northgate Point and Northgate Studios (Chester), Primus Place and Edge Apartments (Leicester). Any other sites that are not mentioned above will not be eligible for this promotion;
    2. For this promotion to be valid you must book a room with Student FM (in agreement to these terms and StudentFM’s current tenancy terms and conditions) before 1st May 2021.
    3. This promotion only applies to tenancies for the 2021/22 Academic Year. A booking of any tenancy length made before 1st May 2021 is entitled to benefit from this promotion (subject to these terms and conditions). Please note any tenancies starting before 4th September 2021 are not eligible;
    4. If you decide to cancel your booking, your application to cancel must be received no later than the deadline of 1st May 2021. Please note that for cancellation requests received after 1st May 2021, the standard cancellation terms as set out on StudentFM’s website will apply;
    5. To cancel your booking you must email clearly stating that you wish to cancel;
    6. If you have booked through an international agent and you wish to cancel, please contact your agent with your cancellation request or email as above.
    7. When your cancellation is confirmed by StudentFM, the advance rent payment will be refunded (subject to these terms being met);
    8. Exercise of this promotion will invalidate all other promotions including, without limitation, the cashback incentive;
    9. If an existing tenant wishes to book via this promotion they must not have any rental arrears or outstanding payments due on their account. If they do have an overdue account this will invalidate the offer and they will not be entitled to this promotion.
    10. Student FM reserves the right to change, modify, cancel and limit this promotion without prior notice. Individuals who had completed tenancy agreements prior to any such modification or removal of the offer will still be entitled to benefit from this promotion.
    11. This cancellation policy is supplementary to StudentFM’s existing standard cancellation policies (as set out on StudentFM’s website) which remain in force.
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